About us

Bradford Care Alliance is a new partnership – yet one with a long history and proven track record of success in primary care. We are a Community Interest Company – a social enterprise that pools the expertise of all the district’s General Practices. We have pooled our home-grown expertise in a ground-breaking way to develop new models of care that will improve the health and wellbeing of the diverse community we serve.

Our focus is centred on working together, and with other innovators across health and social care, to achieve this. Each GP Practice is a shareholder and member of this not-for-profit initiative and, working at the heart of a new enterprise culture, has an unprecedented opportunity to contribute to our future success. Not just by shaping and influencing our strategy, but also in the delivery of this high-quality healthcare.

What we do

Bradford Care Alliance is proud to be at the very heart of our local community – and provides the nucleus of ambitious plans to propel health services into a new era. We aim to do this by harnessing our clinical skills, and working with partners across health and social care, to design and accelerate new ways of working. We have an instrumental role in an emerging Provider Alliance that sees us joining forces for the first time with provider NHS Trusts and other partners.

Bradford Care Alliance is helping to shape, and deliver a range of health services together as part of a single contract. By working closely together we are a founding member of Bradford Provider Alliance which aims to work together to help transform and better integrate the health, care, support and community services for the population of Bradford.


Meet the team

We represent all GP practices in Bradford. Each member has an equal say in the future of Bradford Care Alliance and was invited to vote in our recent elections to determine our inaugural Board of Directors. It draws strongly on the wealth of expertise that exists in General Practice across Bradford and provides a strong foundation for representing our collective views and ensuring our success.


Bradford Care Alliance is committed to putting patients first in a variety of ways. Our new venture is focused on achieving improved health outcomes, reduced inequalities, and better patient experiences. And as well as a caring organisation, we are a listening one too – embracing patient and public involvement as a catalyst for both measuring our success and taking forward the future planning and delivery of services.
Bradford Care Alliance does not just pool our skills. It also combines the expertise of our partners, including all our neighbouring NHS provider trusts, Bradford District Council, and the Third Sector among others in a way that our community has not witnessed before. It provides a rare opportunity to break down organisational and geographical boundaries. And deliver coordinated care fit for the future. We are united in a commitment to reinvest any efficiency savings as a result into even better services.
Bradford Care Alliance creates a strong platform for bringing our skills to the fore in an unprecedented way, and places us at the centre of the decision-making process. It equips us with a real opportunity to build for the future and ensure we are best placed to meet – and beat – the challenges in front of us. We will have an instrumental role – both now and in the long term – in designing local services that deliver both high quality and value for money, while at the same time creating an increasingly-vibrant General Practice.
Bradford Care Alliance provides General Practice with a single voice and the critical mass for us to tender for a variety of services at scale. Our members can draw upon a proven track record of leadership, innovation and delivery to create a healthcare system – built around modern, new care models and pathways – of which Bradford can be proud.
…the population of Bradford District we serve
…people registered by GPs with diabetes
…hospital stays each year for alcohol-related harm

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