THERE is a number of developments to share with you regarding the progress of the new diabetes service we are delivering as part of the Bradford Provider Alliance. These include the creation of a new secondment position here at BCA to take forward our role, and a proposed Diabetes Formulary which is poised for completion soon.

AS we continue to develop the diabetes work with our partners within the Bradford Provider Alliance (BPA), we are pleased to let you know that the CCG have seconded Vicki Wallace across to BCA to support this important work. Vicki is now chairing the Diabetes Delivery Group.

In addition, the Task and Finish groups are being reorganised into Primary Prevention / Hub (Secondary Prevention/ Prescribing/ New Delivery Model)

We are also looking at the key area of prescribing within diabetes and we are near to finalising a proposed Diabetes Formulary. This will be shared with all our diabetes leads across practices for input prior to finalising and sign off.

The Diabetes Outcome Framework (ie how the CCG will measure the effectiveness of the contract) is still to be finalised and whilst the majority of the framework is appropriate to primary care, we are awaiting final approval by CCG/BPA.

We feel that a lot of positive change can be driven within the primary care setting and, as a result, we are developing a Diabetes Quality Improvement Programme (D-QIP).

More details will be shared at the event on the 10th October as well as in the coming weeks.

In 2018 our aim is that we will be developing the service further and moving to a capitation tariff ensuring the service delivers good outcomes and financials.

By Dr Ish Gilkar