We continue to be very actively involved in the planning for the new Diabetes Pathway, supporting Dr Waqas Tahir as the system SRO and representing member practices and current Level 2 providers.

Nick and Marie attended a workshop on 17/10/19 that brought together all providers and commissioners, and they were grateful to have Dr Steve Patterson and Dr Danielle Hann to support them from a clinical point of view. The representation from both a Level 2 provider and a non-provider was really valuable to the debate.

In summary, the system is working towards the delivery of a community service across the PCN footprints. Collaborative work needs to be done with the DSN Hub to decide how we can best look after our patients as close to home as possible. We will also need to facilitate conversations with our PCN CDs to understand how to contract with the PCNs to deliver the patient-centred care needed. Nick will also remain involved in the system finance and contracting discussions for the new service.