BRADFORD Care Alliance is a brand new organisation – but, thanks to our members, already has a long history of success. Our Board of Directors draws strongly on this wealth of expertise and we are confident it provides a strong foundation for representing our collective views and ensuring our future success.

Our Chairman is Dr Richard Haddad, who is stepping down from his role on the Bradford Districts CCG Clinical Board to focus on the task ahead of us at Bradford Care Alliance. A partner at Saltaire Medical Practice, his latest CCG role was leading the Out Of Hospital programme.

He said: “I feel this has given me a first-hand view of how we need to evolve the community and intermediate care settings in our district. This is no small job, and will take time, but I feel I can serve the district best in moving from the CCG role to the Bradford Care Alliance role. There I will be able to keep up the momentum in collaborative working with providers to establish complex care models in Bradford. This is to be the next project for the emerging Provider Alliance, an embryonic accountable care system.”

He also been central to the establishment of a large federation in Bradford, Trust Primary Care Ltd, which brought together old partners with new ones to work on provider services (eg dermatology, Warfarin) and opportunities that a federation affords when delivering at scale (winter pressures, challenge funds, AQP bids).

Dr Shahid Ali is a partner of Manor Medical Practice on Girlington Road. During his working life, Shahid has helped to provide leadership and contributed to improving the health of our population as a general practitioner and through his roles in successive organisations – Primary Care Groups, Primary Care Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Strategic Health Authority. His areas of responsibility and leadership have included governance, strategy, practitioner performance, service redesign and transformation, research and development, and large scale change.

He said: “I believe that we need to have a collective and strong voice for primary care across Bradford and Airedale in shaping services and ensuring sustainability in the NHS, to meet the financial challenges facing the NHS.”

Dr Ish Gilkar, of Little Horton Lane Medical Centre, has been a GP in Bradford for 14 years. He has board member experience of both Bradford City CCG and the City Heath Federation. He is also resigning from his CCG role to concentrate on his work with Bradford Care Alliance.

He said: “I am very passionate about NHS services in Bradford, especially diabetes. I aim to bring fresh ideas and outlook, hard work, passion and innovation to the new role.”

Following a career in the private sector, working for companies such as Orange, Nick Nurden joined the Ridge Medical Practice and has been their Business Manager for the last 10 years. His role draws on his experience gained in various roles in HR, premises, finance, commercial management and strategic planning with overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of a large GP practice

After a 23-year career in a variety of roles for Sainsbury’s – culminating in leading the integration of three of the company’s store businesses into one – Adrian Roebuck joined Sunnybank Medical Centre in Wyke in 2010 and has been a partner there for the past 18 months.

He has been involved in a number of workstreams and projects for the CCG and is a member of the CoR Planning and IT Reference Groups.

He said: The Accountable Care System or Accountable Care Organisation will be the way we deliver care in the future and I truly believe that all of us working together collaboratively as part of Bradford Care Alliance will ensure that we are truly represented as a key part of the Accountable Care System as it develops and that whatever decisions are made are right for us and right for our patients.”

Both Nick and Adrian were appointed unopposed. All five successful candidates were members of our Shadow Board. We would also like to thank all the other candidates who stood for election but were not successful this time.

Elections to the Board shall be conducted every three years by a vote of the shareholders at general meeting. Directors may hold office for a maximum of six consecutive years.

The Board will continue to be supported by Programme Director Catherine Dymond.