Enhanced Access Service – information for patients

What is the enhanced access service?

Enhanced Access is the provision of core GP services outside of the current ‘standard’ GP hours (8am to 6:30pm).

The government’s mandate to NHS England sets out:

“To ensure everyone has easier and more convenient access to GP services, including appointments at evenings and weekends.”

The Enhanced Access project aims to deliver core GP services at evenings and weekends for patients across Bradford from centralised hubs covering an area rather than having each practice deliver Enhanced Access individually.

Enhanced Access offers:

  • GP Appointments – Telephone and face to face
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurse’s for smear clinics
  • Health Care Assistants to complete Blood tests
  • Voluntary Care Services such as Grief and Loss Counselling, Young People Counselling Service and Mental Health Triage and Support

From 5th July 2021, the Enhanced Access Service will operate from eight hubs.

  • Shipley Medical Practice – North hub
  • Bingley Medical Practice – North hub
  • Moorside Surgery – North hub
  • Picton Medical Centre – Central hub
  • New Otley Road Medical Practice – Central hub
  • Park Grange Medical Centre – Central hub
  • The Ridge Medical Practice – South hub
  • Bowling Hall Medical Practice – south hub

Please note – This is not a walk-in service.

How do I get an appointment?

The enhanced access service is available by appointment through your own GP Practice. During normal working hours your GP practice receptionist may book an appointment for you, subject to availability. They will explain more about how things may be a bit different at this time. Please feel free to ask if there are any appointments available in Enhanced Access.

To cancel an Enhanced Access appointment during core GP hours (i.e. your practice opening hours) you should contact your registered GP practice. To cancel an Enhanced Access appointment after 6:30pm please contact the relevant hub on the number detailed below. Please also see the following attachment which provides information on each hub location.

How did the service work during Covid-19?

To ensure the safety of patients and clinicians, all our GP and Physio appointments went remote in line with government guidance. Where practices have triaged patients during the day and assessed them as suitable for a telephone consultation, they are booked into the service for a call from the clinician at the agreed time.

We have continued with our Mental Health appointments and added in a new Grief and Loss Service, developed specifically during the pandemic. Again, all these appointments are remote for safety reasons.

During the period of April 1st 2021 to 31st March 2022 – Enhanced Access offered a total of 55,000 appointments including over 26,000 GP appointments.

As guidance is changing, we are now offering face to face appointments with our nurses for patients to access cervical screening appointments, and our HCAs are doing their blood-test clinics. You will receive a phone call from our receptionists the night before one of these appointments to check that you are not in quarantine, self-isolating, showing any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with anyone who may have.

Service locations and opening hours

From 5th July 2021, the Enhanced Access Service will operate from eight hubs:

North Hub

Shipley Medical Practice
Alexandra Road
West Yorkshire
BD18 3EG

Hours: from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Phone: 01274 539838

North Hub

Bingley Medical Practice
Canalside Healthcare Centre
BD16 4RP

Hours: not available
Phone: not available

North Hub

Moorside Surgery
370 Dudley Hill Road

Hours: not available
Phone: not available

Central Hub

Picton Medical Centre
Westbourne Green Community Health Centre
Heaton Road
Bradford BD8 8RA

Hours: from 6:30pm to 9:30pm & 10am-1pm Saturday, Sunday & bank holidays
Phone: 07542 856917

Central Hub

New Otley Road Medical Practice
4 Butler Street West

Hours: not available
Phone: 01274 033883

Central Hub

Park Grange Medical Centre
141 Woodhead Row

Hours: not available
Phone: 01274 087272

South Hub

The Ridge Medical Practice
Cousen Road
West Yorkshire

Hours: from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Phone: 01274 425657

South Hub

Bowling Hall Medical Practice
Rooley Lane

Hours: not available
Phone: not available

Please note – This is not a walk-in service

How will my records be shared?

When you are offered an appointment at the enhanced access service, you will be asked for your consent to share your record with the healthcare staff working in the service. Full details of how and when your records will be shared are available in the Fair Processing and Privacy Notice.
Read our Privacy Notice

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