THANKS to everyone who joined us for our latest members meeting. We brought you up-to-date not just on how Bradford Care Alliance is establishing itself as a Community Interest Company, but also on how we are getting “contract ready” for our first major opportunity – helping to provide a single diabetes service for Bradford. Members heard how it was vital that new models of care we propose in the future “must revolve around our patients – not the organisations who deliver them”. Read on for a full report…

Dear fellow members of Bradford Care Alliance  

I can report back from our latest shareholders’ meeting that we had good attendance and engagement in the meeting. I am grateful to all of you that took the time to come – and rest assured your feedback on the lack of curry has been noted!

It was good to share our progress not only within the development of the BCA itself, but the wider provider alliance. We heard members’ concerns about accountability, financial and clinical risk, and clarity on how this was managed, as well as issues around indemnity.

How performance is managed was also under the spotlight, and it is critical to hear from you on the issues that raise your blood pressure so we can work to be clear on how these issues are managed in a broader, more collaborative system.

We do not have all the answers, and issues such as this are being looked at nationally in Vanguard and other pioneer sites, so we are not alone in attempting to solve these issues.

The Board has been focussing on getting “contract ready”. We are busy with CQC work and looking at the systems and processes required to be part of the Provider Alliance solution for the single diabetes contract.

Your continued engagement with the clinical work stream is critical to developing a system that works around our patients and not the organisations that deliver care, ie

ONE person being cared for by people acting as ONE team from different organisations working together as ONE organisation.

Again thanks for those of you engaging with this.

We have also taken on board your helpful comments and suggestions at the meeting to help shape our submission. These focused on areas including integration and access; voluntary and community sector input to empower self-management; lifestyle; education and training, operational systems; and, of course, measurement and reporting.

We are also part of a bid team that has now successfully passed the first stage of the tendering process for providing community-based Drugs and Alcohol Services across Bradford. The final submission is now with Bradford District Council. And I am grateful to Graham Sanderson who gave a presentation to us about how we may get involved as Bradford Care Alliance, if successful. Please remember that this does not necessarily mean your practice will have to provide the service.

Our next update to you is scheduled for the New Year, after we have submitted our business case for the single diabetes contract for Bradford. Then, we will have a clear direction of how we take our plans forward and at what timescale and we will share this with you, and our next steps, at the earliest opportunity.

Kind regards,

Richard Haddad

Who’s who in the Provider Alliance?

This new and emerging partnership sees Bradford Care Alliance pooling our expertise with a number of other organisations in the health and care economy, including:
  • Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bradford District Council
  • the voluntary care sector