‘It’s a GP Practice Thing’ is an insight-led campaign which we developed in Bradford District and Craven to increase public awareness of the range of services at GP practices, and how they can be accessed.  This campaign has now been adopted across West Yorkshire.

Background to the campaign

The campaign has been developed by starting with insight from local communities, then working with local patient groups and primary care staff to co-create the most effective messages, design style, community language versions and marketing channels. People told us that the campaign needs to;

  • Show the different ways in which GP practices can be contacted including booking and managing appointments online
  • Raise awareness of different roles in primary care.
  • Reinforce the expertise of primary care staff and raise awareness of some of the common medical problems that they’re trained to deal with
  • Increase the understanding that the range of skilled healthcare professionals means people don’t always need to see a doctor
  • Remove the mysticism around how ‘triage’ works
  • Show real routes to care that meant people avoided taking time away from work or children out of school
  • Address the audience in an empathetic tone

You can find PDFs of the Bradford District and Craven booklets and information poster attached.  Printed copies can be ordered via our website: It’s a GP Practice Thing – Bradford District & Craven Health & Care Partnership (bdcpartnership.co.uk)

The campaign has been designed to be easily sharable on social media, and we have run targeted advertising as well as continuing to post organically. All GP practices have received the digital materials and can order printed leaflets and posters to display.  Materials have also been shared through stakeholders, community partners and VCSE organisations. Booklets have been sent to pharmacies in the target postcodes (BD1-9, BD21 and BD22), and our next phase will develop a community engagement programme to continue enhancing awareness of the campaign at a local level.  We’re also in the process of scaling up the campaign for all places across our West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, developing localised photography that reflects real people working in primary care across all five places. If you have suggestions for further amplifying this campaign, feel free to let us know communications@bradford.nhs.uk

Thanks for your support.