THE role of Bradford Care Alliance and its long-term vision was the focus of our most recent Board meeting. The need to create new models of care as well as ensure sustainable general practice will be key to our future success – and this is reflected in the vision statement that we have now created.

Your elected Board is working hard to establish Bradford Care Alliance as a Community Interest Company (CIC), ensuring robust governance arrangements and structures are in place to deliver our ambitions.

At our September Board meeting, we discussed the role of BCA and its long-term vision. We all agreed that this should be:

“Improving health and wellbeing in Bradford by supporting new models of care and sustainable general practice”

We see our fundamental role as helping to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Bradford.

We fully recognise that this means that we will be working with you – our members – to identify and implement new models of health care, as well as identifying opportunities to improve how we work so that general practice can and will be sustainable.