THANKS to all of you who contributed to our Diabetes Engagement Event last month, when we discussed the progress being charted by the Diabetes Pathway Planning Group. To help shape our thinking, please remember complete the caseload validation exercise as soon as possible.

AT our Diabetes Engagement Event last month, our Diabetes SRO, Dr Waqas Tahir, updated you on the progress of the Diabetes Pathway Planning Group (DPPG) as we aim to move away from the current tiered system to a more fluid model.

The importance of integrated teams, proactive care, personalised care plans and an initial Booking Clinic were some of the main differences highlighted.

We also discussed the need for one agreed, validated caseload for what is currently referred to as Level 2 within the diabetes service. A caseload validation exercise which has been approved by the Bradford Provider Alliance has already been written and communicated by Waqas.

We hope you will support the wider system by carrying out this piece of work in association with the BTHFT Diabetes Hub as soon as possible.

As our L2 payments to you will be based on the Hub caseload figures for Q4, it is essential that all your patients have been referred and triaged through them.