Across the Bradford District we are making great progress in establishing our 10 Primary Care Home (PCH) communities, all of our GP practices are now aligned to a PCH community. This model is the building block for developing one Health and Care Partnership across Bradford. The PCH community leadership teams are starting to form and we have representatives nominated from GP practices and community nursing. It is envisaged that other organisations will soon be nominating staff to join these teams. There is a lot of work ongoing to socialise the PCH model across different organisations and patient representatives within Bradford. We have just delivered our 1st PCH workshop which was attended by a wide range of representations from across our health and care system, this provided an opportunity for people to hear more about the PCH model and start to share ideas. Work is ongoing to develop community level data profiles to enable the PCH community leadership teams to gain a better understanding of their populations local needs.

More information regarding the PCH model can be located on the NAPC website here: